Leadership Development

Leadership Development – is vital for growth and success in any organisation. This is quite a broad title but can literally involve anything from a training event to developmental coaching which encourages the individuals to take self ownership. Typically the second takes longer but is by far the more successful in the long term.

  • Our leadership development work focuses on businesses wanting a truly bespoke experience. The focus enables us to deliver more impactful and engaging programmes than other firms.
  • Our aim is to offer the best combination of psychological insight, practical and commercial orientation in the retailing market.
  • The coaching / training is designed and built from the viewpoint of a retail operator, therefore being able to make the link from a classroom situation to reality in stores, or in the field.
  • Enjoyment and engagement is critical, Programmes will be built that suit every business need. We will constantly gain feedback and be fluid in our approach to ensure all clients gain a great experience.

Leaders Retail Consultancy is happy to work with corporate training plans to develop or support the development of training solutions.

Chris is also able to run fantastic and engaging training courses developed by Leaders Retail Consultancy:

  • What makes great leaders?, introduction to life skills.
  • Leadership and the boardroom, executive skills.
  • Coaching for performance.
  • Great coaches at work.
  • `Culture eats strategy for breakfast`
  • Planning to succeed, effective organisation skills.
  • Great project management.
  • How to make change seamless.
  • Conflict in the workplace.