Leadership Performance Coaching

Leadership Performance Coaching – is a way designed to help a client(s) work out for themselves:

  • The outcome(s) they want.
  • The opportunities and challenges they will address.
  • The resources they will need to obtain and deploy.
  • The strategies and plans that are right for them in their context.

The intention in all coaching is to draw out and maximise the resourcefulness of the client(s) rather than assuming they need training or telling what to do.

Chris is able to offer coaching sessions which involve executive coaching focusing on the individual being most effective in the workplace. Chris can also help clients understand how to write and own a personal development plan.

The work itself will typically involve one to one sessions that will feel like focused conversations intended to help the client gain new perspectives and insights about themselves and their interactions with others. These will take place within clearly agreed boundaries and provisions regarding confidentiality.

The work may also include techniques such as role play or other forms of rehearsal to develop relevant skills and behaviours that will facilitate and accelerate shifts in behaviour and performance.