Services & Approach

Life Skills

Life Skills – are behaviours that enable individuals to adapt and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. There are many such skills, but core life skills include:

  • Self-awareness.
  • Empathy.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Decision making.
  • Problem solving.
  • Effective communication.
  • Interpersonal relationship.
  • Coping with stress.
  • Coping with emotion.

Through Chris`s personal experiences of having a life coach and completing a diploma in life skills he can build an in-depth solution for your requirements.

Leadership Performance Coaching

Leadership Performance Coaching – is a way designed to help a client(s) work out for themselves:

  • The outcome(s) they want.
  • The opportunities and challenges they will address.
  • The resources they will need to obtain and deploy.
  • The strategies and plans that are right for them in their context.

The intention in all coaching is to draw out and maximise the resourcefulness of the client(s) rather than assuming they need training or telling what to do.

Chris is able to offer coaching sessions which involve executive coaching focusing on the individual being most effective in the workplace. Chris can also help clients understand how to write and own a personal development plan.

The work itself will typically involve one to one sessions that will feel like focused conversations intended to help the client gain new perspectives and insights about themselves and their interactions with others. These will take place within clearly agreed boundaries and provisions regarding confidentiality.

The work may also include techniques such as role play or other forms of rehearsal to develop relevant skills and behaviours that will facilitate and accelerate shifts in behaviour and performance.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development – is vital for growth and success in any organisation. This is quite a broad title but can literally involve anything from a training event to developmental coaching which encourages the individuals to take self ownership. Typically the second takes longer but is by far the more successful in the long term.

  • Our leadership development work focuses on businesses wanting a truly bespoke experience. The focus enables us to deliver more impactful and engaging programmes than other firms.
  • Our aim is to offer the best combination of psychological insight, practical and commercial orientation in the retailing market.
  • The coaching / training is designed and built from the viewpoint of a retail operator, therefore being able to make the link from a classroom situation to reality in stores, or in the field.
  • Enjoyment and engagement is critical, Programmes will be built that suit every business need. We will constantly gain feedback and be fluid in our approach to ensure all clients gain a great experience.

Leaders Retail Consultancy is happy to work with corporate training plans to develop or support the development of training solutions.

Chris is also able to run fantastic and engaging training courses developed by Leaders Retail Consultancy:

  • What makes great leaders?, introduction to life skills.
  • Leadership and the boardroom, executive skills.
  • Coaching for performance.
  • Great coaches at work.
  • `Culture eats strategy for breakfast`
  • Planning to succeed, effective organisation skills.
  • Great project management.
  • How to make change seamless.
  • Conflict in the workplace.

Advice and Analysis

Advice and Analysis – The retail market is constantly changing, you need an impartial advisor who knows retail inside and out.

Chris`s experience comes from 23 years working in food and non food in various roles such as store manager, area manager, regional manager and project manager. From this comes a wealth of operational, organisational and leadership experience that he is prepared to share.

Whilst Chris`s primary focus is on Leadership within retail he is constantly keeping up to date on reviews, blogs and financial information and can provide insight and perspectives different to others. Whilst he has experience and been coached on board room operations his recent experience is close to the detail and you will get very accurate and real time advice based on this.


Blog – Have a read of the award winning weekly “LRC Bitesize” leadership blog:

  • Up to date views and opinions as seen from professionals.
  • Leadership tools and models you can use with your teams.
  • Accurate data from regular store visits and industry insights.


Chris is a highly enthusiastic leadership speakers, he has enthused audiences with his innovative and provocative challenges to the conventional wisdom of leadership.

His engaging talks share the sense of realism as he uses personal anecdotes and sensible ideas that are both practical and actionable.

Popular Keynotes

Perfect Planning Makes A Powerful Performance

In this talk Chris draws on the importance of planning and how in leadership the plan is most probably to most important thing of all.

Why Trust Matters

A vital trait of a good leader is trust, and how leader should understand this crucial value. Without trust, the chances for a long-term success are diminished. Those who recognize the importance of building business and leadership foundation on trust are likely to find themselves doing what is right and what is good for stakeholders in the long run.

Customised To Fit Your Needs

As an experienced speaker, coach and retailing professional Chris is able to customise a speech to your very needs.

Chris can work with you to customise a perfect keynote speech for either a half or a full day seminar.

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