How To Be A Better Leader In 2021?

As we close down on 2020 and brace ourselves for 2021, we may seek to erase a year that has been one of the toughest in living memory. Whilst it will be replayed in all history books, we as leaders, need to consign it to the rubbish heap in an effort to focus on 2021. How can we be better equipped to lift our team up and drive them towards a stronger year?

Let’s face it, life runs at an extremely fast pace without the added pressure of a global pandemic. If leaders genuinely desire to improve attention, performance, relationships and most of all stress levels then we all need to learn the art of ‘doing nothing’ and to have the discipline of pausing.

A calm, considered and thoughtful leader in 2021 will be the leader that takes all before them, wins team loyalty and delivers excellence.

Pausing to gain focused attention

You can’t give your best when your mind is performing more than one task at a time. Many of my clients and associates brag about how great they are at multitasking, but what they can’t brag about is being able to give the task at hand the attention it deserves . Just marking things off your to-do list doesn’t make you effective or productive. Great leaders have the discipline of pausing so they can focus their attention and concentration, and the result is outstanding.

Pausing to improve performance

Most people presume in order to perform better you have to run faster to arrive before your competition. I’ve found that sprinting doesn’t mean you’re always succeeding – in fact, the opposite is more often the case. The best way to improve your leadership, especially if you want to stay ahead of your competition, is to discipline yourself to pause. Take the time to stop and think about what direction your are taking. The discipline of pausing will help you achieve the quality of work you dream of.

Pausing to connect more deeply

Making deep connections and developing purposeful relationships takes time and discipline. Relationships are all about investing yourself in another person, and that’s not a process you can rush. Relationships need time to grow and develop. The best leaders don’t settle for superficial connections, they master the discipline of pausing so they can dive deep into meaningful connections.

Pausing to calm yourself

Business is stressful, leadership is demanding, many of us go through the day without a break. But no-one is going to give you that break; you have to find the time to give it to yourself. To be a high performing leader, you need those pauses that can manage your stress and give your mind and body a boost in this demanding world.

The discipline of pausing isn’t complicated, but it represents a profound concept that can enable you to gain more power and a better ability to deal with the things you can’t control. Master the strategic pause – once you’ve learnt to do it well, it will have a significant impact on your ability to lead yourself and others.

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