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The Friday Bitesize

Hi all – Happy Friday!

I do hope this week has been kind and you are looking forward to a sense of Christmas cheer as December approaches.

If you haven’t noticed – today is Black Friday! That’s right, I’m not talking about the weather but that American deal frenzy idea that should in theory kick-start Christmas shopping with a raft of market leading deals.

So, is it how it was intended back in the early 2000s when Asda and Amazon brought this to our shores? Or is it now a token gesture which serves no purpose other than making already tight margins even tighter?

What have I seen?

In the past few years, Black Friday hasn’t been the furore that it once was in our major retailers. Admittedly, Covid has put pay to that recently, but it’s actually been in decline year on year, hasn’t it?

It’s become apparent that lots of our larger retailers have decided to tone down on the message. It seems that the door busting deals of yesteryear have long gone, making way for simple old-fashioned offers! Almost like retreating back to original sale strategies before the Black Friday boom.

ASDA and Tesco have put on a wine event which is always popular, with both having plenty of other deals in-store to complement gifting solutions too.

The non foodies and DIY retailers again are quite muted, are we seeing the death of black friday or nervousness on going ‘all in’ for an event like this from the commercial & finance director?

Finally, there are the retailers that have dusted off last years big bar of Galaxy, coffee maker and toy car… offering no real amazing deals or imagination for their customers to marvel over!

With that being said, Amazon can do no wrong here! As an American company, this is at the heart of their culture, marking the end of Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas bonanza! Their size and reach throughout a whole raft of channels means they will most probably do a great job. If you trawl around Amazon, you will see some great deals at affordable prices.

So, what’s your thoughts? Are you tempted to splurge during this American sale promotion, or will it die out in years to come? In my opinion, it’s on its way out for the most part, but will always pull in a select few retailers. Let’s wait see…

What have I been reading?

I never get tired of reading any of Simon Sinek’s books and again this week has been no exception. “The Infinite Game” is a great book to read, it really shows how being opened minded can influence the outcome.

I am sure we have all read leadership books in the past, but Simon Sinek provides a different dimension. He seems to lead you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts and information he has presented in his literature. It’s a great idea to read his work if you want to improve on your emotional intelligence.

What have I been listening to?

Take a listen to “The High Performance Podcast”. The episodes that I particularly enjoy are the Clive Woodward ones, they provide a great insight into how he managed to guide the England rugby team to success and number 1 in the world. In business, we can form lots of links to sports – understanding how great teams of the past have triumphed will only help in the corporate world.

Well worth a listen in the gym!

Until next week, take care and keep safe.


“Our success has not been a continual series of victories. We have had a number of devastating setbacks; how these are handled is the making of a great team… winning does not happen in straight lines.”

Clive Woodward

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