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The Friday Bitesize

Hi all – Happy Friday!

Welcome to my first edition of the ‘Friday Bitesize’. It’s a list of my thoughts, opinions and links to great stories from a retailing point of view.

I have spent all of my working life as a senior retailer in some of the biggest organisations in the UK. This blog is largely based on my thoughts regarding what I see throughout the week.

If you benefit from my content, please leave a message. If it’s not to your taste – let me know and we can enjoy a healthy debate.

What have I seen?

Poundland – The more knowledge I gain about the work Austin Cooke and his team are doing, the more impressed I become. Up to around a month ago I had not visited Poundland for a while, I went for a few items in my local Kettering branch and was blown away by the service, standards and professionalism that I was greeted with. It was like I was walking into an unnamed “big 4” rather than Poundland. Now, I am not wet behind the ears and know that one good shop doesn’t equal a great business but this was stark for me and a vast improvement from what I had seen before.

Next, I followed the social media platforms of the business and for me it’s no wonder they are doing well considering their high level of engagement online. Lots of other retailing businesses would benefit and learn from their methods – it seems like a mini revolution happening in the discounters.

Take a look out for their Channel 4 program coming soon – Inside Poundland.

What have I been reading?

I have been a bit old school this week and re-read Warren Buffett’s biography “The Oracle Of Omaha”. It is certainly worth a read now and again on Scribd as it teaches some really valuable life lessons.

If you ever need inspiration (let’s face it, we probably need it more than usual), have a read of someone deemed successful. Once you reach the nitty gritty, you come to understand that most successful business or sports people had to overcome plenty of bumps in the road before reaching the smooth. We will all do well reminding ourselves of this now and again.

What have I been listening to?

Take a listen to “Inside the orange” podcast by Richard Stevens. Richard is a guy who I have worked with in the past and his energy and excitement is an inspiration. What I really like about this podcast series, and like all good podcasts, is Richard has some really interesting guest speakers. He covers some great subjects which are aimed at provoking thought, confidence and self development.

Well worth a listen and very well done Richard!

Until next week, take care and keep safe.


Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett
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