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How A Great Leader Inspires Purpose In People

It wouldn’t surprise you to know that employees with a strong sense of purpose are likely to be not only happier but also more effective, more productive and more results orientated.

Professionals who have a well considered purpose are extremely valuable to organisations. So in that case why are organisations that follow a strong senses of purpose so scarce?

There are lots of reasons really. Poor leadership, shrinking budgets, inflated demands all contribute to the loss of purpose. A really big factor that I have noticed over the years is time,. Having worked in retail for years I have seen the pressure time creates on leaders with senior executives wanting a quick win, this ultimately drives the incorrect behaviour and will cause long term problems.

A culture devoid of purpose and long term thinking will ultimately create demotivation and disengagement of the workforce.

For everyone to be at their best, it’s important to encourage every individual on your team to stay connected to their sense of purpose. Here are some ways to make it happen:

Make It Personal

Purpose cant come from a directive approach, it has to be felt. Its not enough to talk about it. You must show it and live it every day to set the tone. Like all of my blogs on leadership I describe how it all starts with you! If you don’t understand your own style or behaviour well enough then you will have no hope of setting the tone in your team.

Connect To A Greater Good

For people to feel a sense of pride in what they do, they need to know that they are making a difference in the lives of others. If you can connect the success of your organisation to the benefit of community at large, to show how it serves a greater cause, people will find not only pride but also a meaning in their day to day work.

Offer Frequent Recognition

Give people frequent recognition for the work that they do. Its really important that you show how what they are doing contributes to the greater goals of the organisation. When you do this successfully, people feel valued and connected, and as a result want to do more and more.

Promote Self Development

When you provide opportunities for ongoing training and development, both professionally and personally, you energise people and set them up for long-term success. Investing in your team is an effective way to keep them motivated, loyal and connected to a sense of purpose.

Spread Positivity

To deepen connections between your team and the people they’re serving in their work, encourage group or individual involvement in a volunteer project—ideally one related to the work you do. For example, if you work for a publisher, look for a program working with adult literacy or children’s reading. Encourage mentorship and shared expertise, too. As a bonus, the bonds between team members will be strengthened as well.

Focus On Purpose

When you have a strong focus on your leadership and purpose it becomes internalised, and in time grows to become embedded in the workplace culture.

For your team to know who they are and how they make a difference it all starts from understanding yourself first. Take a look at this article to understand further how to do this.

Purpose is a great word and has an even better meaning. It is truly about serving and benefiting others. If you only keep that in mind you will add a great benefit to the teams you lead.

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