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Life Skills

As a qualified and respected life coach. Chris is able to offer great insight into the key soft skills of life. Relationships are built on these key building blocks.


Chris is a highly successful and sought after performance coach, with strong links to the retailing industry. Chris`s coaching is based on behaviour science laced with heart based leadership.


Over the past 2 years Chris has built a repertoire of training material designed to develop teams knowledge and understanding. Chris is able to offer a more bespoke solution as required.


Due to Chris`s vast retailing experience, he is able to offer advice and analysis on various aspects of your retailing business.


Chris writes a highly successful blog which publishes early every Monday morning. The blogs are designed to be bitesize reads that engage and develop the reader. Sign up to receive the blog directly to your email.



From the blog

How can Chris help?

Through his years of experience working as a retail operator, and through own self development Chris has qualified as a highly respected executive performance coach.

Chris`s repertoire is wide, he see`s clients for a face to face consultation and others that prefer to converse on the phone or over the internet. The choice is fully in the hands of the client with Chris having a really flexible approach. Take a look at the About page to understand more regarding Chris and Leaders Retail Consultancy. Also go to the Services and Approach page for more detail on what is offered.

Why not sign up for the LRC Bitesize weekly blog which has some great content you can share with your teams. Occasionally there will be some views and opinions related to the retailing marketplace from the viewpoint of a consultant.

And finally, any questions you might about Leaders Retail Consultancy why not contact Chris. Leave a comment and your details and he will answer you swiftly.


Chris is a consummate retail professional with great leadership skills. He is meticulously efficient with regards to planning and organising. I certainly have benefited from my time spent working alongside him.


Having worked with Chris on various projects over the years I have always found him to be innovative and dynamic. He always puts the customer at the heart of everything he does. The engagement he has with his audience is compelling.

Chris is always passionate about everything he does, the way he engages with teams and individuals is truly genuine. He always leaves them with a wealth of new ideas and different ways of thinking.


Chris is certainly a true professional who uses his experience to develop others. He has recently put a planning, organising and self awareness program together which has greatly helped my managers grow. This has definitely given me a positive business benefit.